You may find that when you call our office, many calls are forwarded to our voicemail system. We understand that it is important that you’re able to reach us with questions and needs, so would like to clarify this!

It keeps our fees lower, and we only have smart people returning your calls.

We do not have designated reception staff here at Dancing Paws. This is done deliberately! First, it allows us to keep your fees lower by having one less staff member. Second, it means the person speaking with you is a trained veterinary technician who is well equipped to answer medical questions. We generally have one or two technicians handling all of the incoming calls and emails in addition to their daily responsibilities, and there are times when other tasks pull them away from the phone. We return all messages as quickly as possible.

Everyone likes individualized attention!

We work hard to give our clients, both in the office and on the phone, the undivided attention they deserve. We won’t interrupt your appointment in the office for a phone call, and we won’t place your call on hold to answer an incoming one. Client service is important to us. There are times when calls are forwarded to the voicemail simply because we’re on another line.

We’re not psychic: you have to leave a message.

We return messages as quickly as possible, and all calls received during office hours are returned before we leave for the day. Please leave a brief message with your name, your pet’s name, and the best time and number on which to reach you. If you’ve already left a message, please rest assured that we will call you back. Multiple messages are not necessary and in fact with lengthen the time it takes to return your call – since, you know, we have to take time to pull in those additional messages.

You’re also welcome to email us at