You are what you eat, and the same holds true for your pets! Good nutrition is the crux of good health, and it’s an important aspect of veterinary care that is often overlooked. Dr. Sivula has done extensive research to become an authority on pet food and can recommend a diet best suited for your pet’s lifestyle, age and breed-specific needs!

The concept of good pet food is quite simple: include fresh, whole ingredients that are biologically appropriate for dogs and cats! The metabolism of dogs and cats is designed to operate on an almost exclusively carnivorous diet, so adhering to these guidelines promote peak health!

More importantly, what shouldn’t be in pet food? Your pet’s food should be free of any meat by-products. All fats and proteins should be identified by their specific source (ex: “animal fat” is bad, “chicken fat” is good; “meat meal” is bad, “turkey meal” is good). They shouldn’t contain any artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. They also shouldn’t contain any artificial sweeteners.

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